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Castlepoint New Zealand. Deliverance Cove

Is this the world’s newest type of cloud?
One man’s quest to find scientific recognition for the menacing undulatus asperatus
I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.

The Milky Way rises above highway 33 north of Ojai, California.WebsiteRebloging/Sharing okay with credits attached.
by Jackson Compean  (
Castle Mountain
Photo by Ashli Barrett/Advocate Staff
What I’m positive is Mount Hector.
Photo by Ashli Barrett
The effects of the forest fires in the mountains.Photo by Ashli Barrett
Photo by Ashli Barrett
Castle Mountain, Banff National Park
Photo by Ashli Barrett
Photo by Ashli Barrett

Condolences to the Haines family. That makes three men gone far too soon. I pray something will be done before another is lost.

Make us free な Splash!重ねた光のコントラスト浴びて

Photo by Ashli Barrett

Just a few photos from the Spartan Race in Red Deer on Saturday.

Photos by Ashli Barrett

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